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Enclosed Transporter

For our customers hauling premium sedans and SUV's, Cottrell has designed and developed the ultimate product. Our enclosed car trailer has numerous features that ensure compliance with the requirements of the premium auto manufacturers.

Model C-9ENC Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer

Enclosed Transporter Utilizing screw and soft tie technology, the ENC-9 has proven to be the only choice for those serious about hauling vehicles in an enclosed environment. Although tractor specifications for this unit are very unique, there are many built-in features that allow load maximization while protecting your payload. Click to Learn More

Model ENC-3 Enclosed Car Trailer

Enclosed Transporter The ENC-3 is a high mount enclosed product that can be meet the demand of luxury vehicle transporters or specialized hauls. The ENC-3 contains all the added Cottrell benefits including quality curtains, L.E.D lights, air brakes, aluminum tracks, and 40,000 pound axle rating. This product is best used with a single axle business class truck. Click to Learn More